Pharmacy's History:


The " Apotheke zum Goldenen Biber" is one of the eldest pharmacies in Austria. It has been located in the house number 4 of the famous Getreidegasse since 1608, long before Mozart was born just across the street. 

Since 1713 it is in the hand of one family. 

The name "Biberapotheke" referrs to a time in middleage, when beavers┬┤castoreum was used as medication and too, because there used to live a lot of beavers in the river Salzach. 

The pharmacy's appearance today is still the same as in 1900, when its former owner Gottlieb Bernhold had everything newly reconstructed in the art- nouveau design.  

Today you find an extraordinary ambience, a combination of tradition and specialised pharmaceutical knowledge on the highest standard of science.